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A youth voices film project produced by the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Cambridge Zero and supported by the UK Universities Climate Network (UUCN).

About the ActNowFilm project

Learn more about the aims of the ActNowFilm project.

The ActNowFilm project is a film series that seeks to amplify youth voices in the urgent climate debates. It is produced by the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Cambridge Zero, and supported by the UK Universities Climate Network (UUCN).

Young people across the planet are at the forefront of calls for urgent climate action and many of them are already feeling the realities of the climate crisis. Yet youth voices continue to remain marginalised in mainstream climate change discussions and decision-making processes. ActNowFilm aims to highlight the value, place and importance of young people in the urgent national and global climate debates and negotiations. Young people from every continent are capable, ready and committed to be at the centre of global efforts to address the climate crisis.

First launched in 2021, the project has resulted in three films so far, with a fourth in production. The films demonstrate the skills, capacity, knowledge, experience and expertise that youth climate leaders contribute, and aim to act as a clarion call for the integration of young people into national climate negotiating teams and global climate decision-making processes.

ActNowFilm: Youth Climate Leaders as Agents of Change

Find out about the 2024 film and how to get involved.

The 2024 film, Youth Climate Leaders as Agents of Change, weaves together the insights of global climate experts with the narratives and actions of young people from across the world. Telling a story of impact and agency, it demonstrates the global and interconnected nature of the climate crisis. It highlights the imperative need for ambitious climate action and calls for the official integration of young people in climate negotiations.

Youth Climate Leaders in Conversation with Climate Experts (2023)

The 2023 film invited youth climate leaders from across the world to feature in the film, having conversations with leading international climate experts.

The film demonstrates that young people are experts in their own right, through their lived experiences, and already provide critical leadership on the climate crisis. It serves as a call to further empower young people to contribute to national and global climate policymaking.

Find out more about the 2023 film

Other films in the project

Learn more about the other films produced for the ActNowFilm project.

Intergenerational Conversations on Climate Change (2022)

In this film, both young and older people share their lived experiences of climate change, as well as their hopes and fears for the future. Find out more about the 2022 film.

Youth Voices on Climate (2021)

In this film, young people living across the planet tell decision-makers, in their own words, why stopping climate change is important to future generations. Find out more about the 2021 film.

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