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Bath Institute for the Augmented Human

We are a diverse community who develop and deploy technology to enhance and improve the physical and cognitive abilities of individuals.

Who we are

We are a diverse community of researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and educators using technology to enhance and improve the physical and cognitive abilities of individuals. We believe in a holistic ecosystem for the development and deployment of human augmentation that considers the technological, ethical, societal, moral, and regulatory aspects.

In the spotlight

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Understanding human augmentation

Human augmentation uses science and technology to enhance physical and cognitive performance – and it has the potential to transform every aspect of our lives. It can enable us to surpass our biological limitations, improve health and wellbeing, and extend our lifespans.

Increasingly, we’re using cutting-edge technology to keep us healthy and help us perform better. From neurotechnology headsets that can translate brain activity into communication, to super-strength wearable exoskeletons, there are countless ways intelligent machines can make a difference.

Innovation in the field of human augmentation is developing at a rapid rate, and the opportunities to bring together new human-machine interfacing technologies are immense. The Bath Institute for the Augmented Human has been founded to accelerate technological developments and help the UK prepare for the growing impact of direct human-to-machine interactions.

A patient uses an exoskeleton to help move following an injury

Our research

We aim to be a leading institute nationally and globally, driving responsible, cutting-edge research and trialling and deploying human augmentation technologies that have a wide-reaching impact.

Our world-leading research institute brings together more than 50 academics from disciplines including robotics, engineering, computer science, health, neuroscience, and psychology. We want to push the limits of our natural capabilities, and we’ll work with industry partners, patient groups and others, to find new and imaginative ways to integrate machines with our bodies and minds, improving our quality of life.

We also want to ensure human augmentation technology is deployed both safely and ethically. Through our research we will take a leading role in devising rules, ensuring no harm is done by the technology developed in this field.

A volunteer is shown wearing the wireless cap and doing tasks on a laptop.

Making an impact

Drawing on academics from across departments and disciplines, we have leading expertise in a wide range of relevant technologies. These include brain-computer interfaces, motion capture, eye tracking, prosthetics and exoskeletons, biosensors and virtual and augmented reality research. We also have strong links with regional, national and global partners in academia and industry and collaborators in UK hospitals, sports governing bodies and defence forces.

Examples of impactful technologies developed by the team include:

A smart prosthetic hand that is helping amputees feel again through sensory feedback systems.

About us

The University of Bath Institute for the Augmented Human brings together fundamental and applied science and engineering, and whole systems approaches; applying interdisciplinarity across its research, training, education, collaboration, policy, public engagement and knowledge exchange activities.

Contact us

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