Increasing access to social & catered space for staff & students

A message from Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Kevin Edge:

For some time we have been looking at ways to increase access to social space and enhance catering provision on campus.  Although the new 4West café will provide additional catered space when it opens in the autumn, access to social space remains one of the highest priorities for our students.   We are therefore seeking to maximise the use of our existing facilities to respond to the diverse needs of our staff and students.

With this in mind, we have been exploring options for better utilisation of the Claverton Rooms,  the SCR (Senior Common Room) and the space currently managed by UBSA (University of Bath Staff Association). A number of changes affecting the management and utilisation of these spaces have now been approved to take effect from 1 July 2009.

The plan for the Claverton Rooms and SCR space is as follows: 

  • The Claverton Rooms/SCR space will become a general dining area and lounge space for all staff with no membership fee requirement for access.
  • Postgraduate students (taught and research) will also have free access to this space.
  • The bar area adjacent to the SCR lounge will be extended to incorporate a deli/coffee bar and the dining area extended into the lounge. 
  • We will seek to provide additional soft seating.
  • Newspapers and magazines will be provided free of charge in the lounge area.

 The plan for the UBSA space is as follows:

  • The space will be designated as social space for use by all staff and all students with no membership fee requirement for access.
  • Light refreshments will be available but there will be no pressure to purchase.  Staff and students will be welcome to consume their own food and beverages.
  • UBSA, the SCR and other groups/departments will be able to book the use of the space for specific events or functions.
  • These arrangements will be reviewed after 12 months.

The Claverton Rooms/SCR space will require some remodelling, and access to the UBSA space will be upgraded to improve access for the disabled. We will go out to tender for this work as soon as possible.

We have listened to the issues raised by the management committees of UBSA and the SCR and recognise that these changes will impact on their members.  However, it is important to stress that this initiative is about providing for more inclusive use of our facilities.

These plans will still provide areas for UBSA and SCR members to socialise and relax with existing or improved catering facilities, but will also provide access to non-commercial social space that our students want. It will also mean that the UBSA space in particular will be utilised to a far greater extent than at present.

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