New starters - March 2009

The new starters update gives the name, job title and department of all new members of staff at the University who started in the previous month.

Architecture & Civil Engineering
Dr Fabrizio Nevola - Senior Lecturer

Biology & Biochemistry
Dr Clemens Kuepper - Research Officer
Dr Patrick McHugh - Research Officer

Dr Daniel Garcia Vivo - Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

Economics & International Development
Elle Hosie - Secretary

Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Dr Zechun Hu - Research Officer
Adham Naji - Research Officer

Mathematical Sciences
Euan Spence - Research Officer
Kees Van Schaik - Research Officer

Pharmacy & Pharmacology
Elizabeth Hope - Finance Assistant
Benoit Roux - Research Technician

Division for Lifelong Learning
Yumiko Wilkey - Administrator

Chang He - Information Librarian

School of Management
Katie Fuller - MSc Receptionist/Secretary
Michael Willis Teaching Fellow

Student Support Services
Julie Castleman -  Senior Counsellor

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