Work After Globalisation

According to the experts globalisation ended in 2008, but where does that leave us? Is the financial crisis a turning point in the global transformation?

Professor Guy Standing will be examining these issues in his inaugural lecture, Work After Globalisation, at the University of Bath on 28 May.

Guy Standing is Professor of Economic Security at the University of Bath and co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network, a global body promoting schemes of income security around the world.

From 1999 until 2006, he was Director of Socio-Economic Security in the International Labour Organisation, the United Nations’ agency dealing with labour and social policy issues. He has been an economic adviser to many governments and international bodies, including the Red Cross, the United Nations and the World Bank, and has long been a critic of globalisation, predicting that it was a destabilising and inequitable system.

He said: “The lecture will dwell on the growth of a new dangerous class, the precariat. This consists of many millions of people without a sense of occupation, without economic security, prone to suffer from stress and anxiety, and likely to support political extremism.

“The growth of the precariat is global. They have not only precarious jobs but a precarious existence.

“It is this which dictates the urgency for a new social protection system, to enhance freedom and reduce inequality, alongside new forms of occupational regulation, and a general construction of economic rights.

“A progressive agenda should include a revival of occupational associations, a basic citizenship income scheme, institutions for collaborative bargaining, and a systematic legitimation of forms of work that are not labour, including care and ecological work.

“In that respect, we need to promote the values of work and leisure over those of labour and play. The ancient Greek resolution of the dilemma needs to be recalled if we are to reverse the generalised commodification of society.”

The lecture will draw on a recently completed book, “Work after Globalisation: Building Occupational Security”.

The lecture will be held in Theatre 2 East 3:1 on the Claverton Campus at 6.15pm.
Tickets are free and are available from Clare Allen on 01225 386264.

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