Work to begin on remodelling social space for staff & students

Work will begin next week (Wednesday 1 July) to remodel the dining room and lounge areas of the Claverton Rooms, and to improve access for the disabled to the social space in 6 West South (also known as the UBSA building).  

Claverton Rooms - staff & postgrads

The Claverton Rooms will become a general dining area and lounge for all staff and postgraduate students with no membership fee requirement for access.

Work in the Claverton Rooms will begin on Monday 6 July with the extension of the bar to incorporate a deli/coffee bar. This is likely to take until Friday 24 July to complete.

All disruptive work will take place outside of core hours so the bar will remain open during lunchtimes throughout this period.

The new and additional soft seating area is due for completion by the end of July.

Other changes due to take effect from 1 July or soon after include:

  • Newspapers and magazines provided free of charge in the lounge area.
  • Access to the Level 4 games area of 2 West to staff and postgraduate students.
  • Till layouts changed to address queuing problems at peak times.
  • Catered lunchtime 'events' currently held in Claverton Rooms being relocated to the social space in 6 West South (where this is possible).
6 West South - all staff & students

From 1 July the 6 West South social space will be designated for use by all staff and all students with no membership fee requirement for access, subject to review in April 2010.

Work has already begun on installing a fully accessible disabled toilet. However, the area will be closed from Wednesday 1 July to Friday 10 July to allow for the completion of this work and to install a new carpet and furniture.

The Open University will be utilising 6 West South for their lunches from Saturday 11 July to Friday 14 August and during this period the space will not be available from 12noon-2.30pm.

Therefore, those wishing to use a social space to eat their own lunch will be able to use the Claverton Rooms during the period 1 July to 14 August.

Other changes to 6 West South include:

  • Light refreshments available via vending machines.
  • Groups/departments/individuals will be able to book 6 West South  for specific events or functions through Hospitality Co-ordinator, Heather Clarke.
  • The skittle alley will continue to be available and can be booked through the Hospitality Co-ordinator.
  • Pool tables will continue to be provided in this space.
  • The University's What's On page will be updated daily of business booked into 6 West South to help keep people up to date on the room's availability.
Eat your packed lunch here...

Additional areas available for those bringing packed lunches include:

  • 5W Cyber Cafe Level 3
  • Library Reception [V]
  • Level 1 [V]
  • Students' Union [V]
  • 4E Cyber Café Level 3 [V]
  • STV Corridor [V]
  • 4 South [V]

[V]= vending machine

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