New starters in July 2009

The new starters update gives the name, job title and department of all new members of staff at the University who started in the previous month.

Biology & Biochemistry
Dr Oliver Kruger - Royal Society Research Fellow and Lecturer
Elena Lopez-Ruiz - Marie Curie Fellow
Huijia Wang - Research Technician
Dr Jason Wolf - Senior Lecturer

Thomas Dodge - Food & Beverage Assistant
Leah Hamlet - Food & Beverage Assistant

Chemical Engineering
Dr Sumeet Sharma - Research Officer

Dr Sara Fuertes - Research Officer

Mechanical Engineering
Dr Lily Chambers - Research Officer

Pharmacy & Pharmacology
Ruth Riley - Research Officer

Dr Ehsan Ahmad - Research Officer

Research Development & Support Office
Peter Glacken - Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate

School for Health
Enhad Chowdhury - Research Assistant
Dr Behrooz Tavakoly - Research Officer

School of Management
Dr Gerhard Schnyder - Research Fellow

Sports Development & Recreation
Michael Hoch - Chief Operating Officer

Welcome to the University!

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