Success for University sponsored eco-car

A youth team sponsored by the University participated in the Shell Eco-Marathon held on 29-30 June at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

Team Green, led by Andy Green from the Department of Engineering, achieved fourth place with 5597 mpg (using fuel type, Liquefied petroleum gas) and fifth place with 5597mpg (using fuel type, petrol) at the event. Overall the team won a trophy for achieving the most miles per gallon using Liquefied petroleum gas.

The Shell Eco-Marathon challenges high school and college students through global annual events to design, build and test energy efficient vehicles.

Each team constructs a vehicle capable of covering a 10 mile course at a minimum average speed of 15 miles an hour. Once the vehicle has accelerated using the engine, it then has to coast without the engine on and create forward propulsion to maintain the 15mpg average or greater. The winner is the team that goes the furthest distance using the least amount of energy.

The team carried out four test laps to trial the vehicle and over a couple of days achieved a best of 5575 miles per gallon in the measured runs.

Andy said: “Thanks once again go to the University who have supported us over the years and particularly to the two final year students Alex Wolstenholme and Robert Dunn who carried out their final year projects on the vehicle.”

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