Filming in the Claverton Rooms

As part of the filming taking place on campus this summer, Monicker Productions will be filming in the Claverton Rooms this coming Friday 23 July and again the following Friday 30 July.

The film crew will be using the soft seating area near the top of the stairs but the rest of the Claverton Rooms will remain open for business as normal, although from time to time, during takes, they may ask for quiet.

Alternative soft seating will still be available in the Claverton lounge area (the former SCR area) throughout the day.

Filming will take place between 9am and 5pm but will stop during the peak lunchtime period (1-2pm).

The University is playing host to Monicker Productions over the summer as they use parts of the campus to shoot a new television comedy for Channel 4.

The film crew are on campus until Friday 6 August. They will then return from 30 August for a further two weeks until 10 September.

The comedy is written and directed by Victoria Pile and the team behind the BAFTA award-winning series “Green Wing”. It will be set on a fictitious university campus called Kirke University and is scheduled for broadcast on Channel 4 in early 2011.

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