New mathematician to join the University

We are pleased to announce that Dr Jeffrey Giansiracusa will join the Department of Mathematical Sciences in October.

Dr Giansiracusa is one of 30 outstanding UK researchers to be awarded EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowships to foster the development of their potential as the next generation of world-leading scientists and engineers.

At Bath, he will be working with Professor Gregory Sankaran in the branch of mathematics known as algebraic geometry. Dr Giansiracusa's work in pure mathematics lies at the interface of topology and algebraic geometry.

Dr Giansiracusa describes his research saying: "Mathematicians often work with purely intellectual and abstract objects. Nevertheless, like masons and engineers, they must build complex objects from simpler ones.

"In algebraic geometry and other branches of mathematics, the rules governing assembly are usually encoded in an intricate geometric object called a moduli space.

"My research brings very recent and exciting topological tools to bear on the problem of understanding certain moduli spaces and extracting and organising the information encoded in them.

"I have focussed on graphs and three-dimensional handlebodies and, at Bath, Professor Sankaran and I intend to start a new study of the topology of the moduli of abelian varieties. Understanding these moduli spaces can have important consequences in topology, algebraic geometry, number theory, theoretical physics, and possibly even phylogenetics."

Professor Sankaran added: "Dr Giansiracusa's research complements and strengthens the research we are already doing at Bath in algebraic geometry and other areas.

"I am greatly looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge of working with him on this novel and difficult project. He will make an important contribution to our research and also to our Graduate School.

"He is one of only thirty winners of these prestigious and highly competitive awards this year, a handful of them in mathematics: two of those thirty (the other is Dr Rob Jack of the Department of Physics) will be working in Bath."

Professor Jane Millar, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) added: "This is exciting and innovative research, as recognised by this highly competitive award. I am delighted that Dr Giansiracusa will be coming here to Bath."

Dr Jeffrey Giansiracusa will be joining us from the University of Oxford Mathematical Institute.

EPSRC fellowships are designed to help develop future leaders with the science, engineering and mathematics skills necessary for the UK to compete on a global stage, generating the knowledge, new ideas and technologies essential to support business, government, and national priorities.

The EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowship allows grant holders to dedicate themselves to their research areas and fund their research costs. They also allow fellows to pursue new research directions and build international research collaborations and new business partnerships.

The competition for fellowships is intense. On average, each year four hundred and fifty applications are received for around twenty five career acceleration fellowship awards. Successful fellows have a strong publication record and are to be able to demonstrate independence from their supervisors. The new awards bring the total of EPSRC fellows to one hundred and thirty three.

More details of the EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowship and other EPSRC fellowships may be found on the EPSRC website.

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