Students add endangered species to multimedia guide

Conservation Biology students led by the Biodiversity Lab’s Dr Richard Young and Dr Peter Long have helped to compose profiles of endangered species for a new audio-visual guide to life on earth.

The group of 38 contributed to the ARKive Project, run by the Bristol-based Wildscreen Initiative, which aims to collate film and photographs of the world’s species.

The profiles, which included species such as the Malayan Flat-Shelled Turtle and the lesser-known Gorgeted Puffleg were published on the ARKive website, providing the students with an opportunity to improve their writing skills and develop their research techniques.

They contained detailed facts about the species’ biology and habitat, as well as information about the potential and existing threats to these animals. There was also key information regarding the conservation efforts for each species.

Dr Young said: "This was a great opportunity for the students to make a significant contribution to a high-profile global initiative that is creating audio-visual records for the world’s most threatened species."

ARKive species - Wallace’s golden birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera croesus)

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