Green awards for staff pave way for new carbon management plan

Staff across campus and children at our Westwood Nursery have proved that when it comes to being green, a team effort can make a real difference, whatever your age!

Thirty-five teams from different departments have received a Green Impact Award to celebrate their environmental achievements, such as increasing recycling of food and drink packaging, reducing energy use in the office and promoting the use of public transport.

Green Impact Initative

Recycle it! Children at the Westwood Nursery, part of Human Resources, show how they won their Green Impact Award

Nearly 200 staff are actively involved in the national green scheme which is running in a number of universities throughout the UK, signing up to achieve a checklist of up to 35 green targets and encouraging a further 1,900 staff in their departments to improve their environmental practice at work.

The enthusiasm of staff to contribute to a greener workplace is matched by our new Carbon Management Plan, which details an action plan to achieve a 25 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2015.

The plan proposes that we will invest around £6 million to carry out a project portfolio of over 50 technical and non-technical projects including: major changes to the campus heating systems; ongoing lighting improvements; and an IT server room upgrade.

The investment will be returned in less than five years and is predicted to make a potential saving of over £1.2 million per year.

This builds on the achievements to date, which have already seen our campus cut its carbon footprint significantly, saving over £500,000 on its annual energy bills.

Peter Phelps, Energy & Environment Manager, said: “The new Carbon Management Plan is designed to make substantial carbon and cost savings. This University led the way in creating the higher education sector’s first carbon management plan back in 2003 and now we are setting ourselves some tougher targets to ensure we meet the UK’s national targets for carbon reduction.

“To make this work, we all need to be aware of the importance of our individual ability to make a difference. Our Green Impact award winners are great ambassadors for encouraging positive action, as are many of our students: from those behind the Global Futures environmental action week, to the students who are competing for the title of ‘best halls’ in our Student SwitchOff energy reduction campaign.

“Many departments are already meeting some tough challenges, including our Accommodation & Hospitality Services Department’s recent achievement of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.”

For staff and students who would like to get involved in our bid to cut carbon, please find out more about Green Impact from Dr Sally Lampkin on 01225 385741. Please see Related Links to find out more about the Carbon Management Plan.

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