Enhanced attendance monitoring procedures are now in place at the University

This affects all students who attend the campus for the majority of their teaching/study and those full-time students who are studying/ working away whilst on placement/study abroad.

It is your responsibility to read the detailed guidance here: www.bath.ac.uk/universitysecretary/attendancemonitoring

Students who are Tier 4 visa holders additionally need to read: www.bath.ac.uk/universitysecretary/UKBAcompliance. The consequences of not complying with your Tier 4 visa responsibilities are very serious and could lead to your visa being curtailed.

Why does attendance need to be monitored?

University regulations require that you attend regularly. We recognise that you come to Bath as adults and are expected to work independently and be responsible for your own decisions and actions.

In addition we have a responsibility to external bodies such as the Student Loans Company, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and the Higher Education Statistics Agency to ensure that you are attending and studying to comply with regulatory requirements.

How will you know if I am attending?

From September 2012 your attendance will be recorded at certain pre-defined points and/or for certain pre-defined activities. Points of contact will differ according to the type of programme you are on (undergraduate, postgraduate taught or research). There will be additional requirements for international students on Tier 4 visas.

What happens if I don’t attend?

If poor attendance is identified, you will firstly be contacted to determine if there is a problem and to see how we might best advise you and put the support in place you may need to progress your studies. However, it must be recognised that the consequences of not attending and engaging with your programme could be severe, including termination of your registration.

What if I am ill or need to be absent for a short period of time?

If you are studying on campus and are, or need to be, absent for more than 14 days consecutively you must apply for a period of ‘authorised absence.’ Postgraduate taught, postgraduate research and undergraduate students will all be considered differently, according to the way programmes are structured and timetabled - please see the Attendance guidance notes for students, particularly in relation to vacation weeks.

What is the maximum continuous period of absence I can be granted without suspending studies?

This will be agreed at the discretion of your department. For any periods of absence longer than 60 days a suspension must be requested.

How do I request an ‘authorised absence’?

To request an ‘authorised absence’ you must log a request via SAMIS on the web here: https://www.bath.ac.uk/samis/urd/sits.urd/run/siw_lgn

More questions

If you have any questions or concerns, please email attendance-monitoring@bath.ac.uk

Mark Humphriss
University Secretary

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