Bath Taps into Science is bigger and better than ever

This year’s Bath Taps into Science has been a huge hit with the largest numbers ever.

More than 1,000 school children attended with exhibitors coming from the Bath area and as far away as Ireland and Spain, with 10 schools bringing their own stands.

Organised by various local universities - us, Bristol University, The University of West England and Bath Spa and local organisations such as The Roman Baths - it’s a real community event.

Featuring stands such as Bubbles the Clown doing maths with balloons, build your own solar system and contributions from our undergrads in physics, maths and chemistry there was plenty to get involved with.

One of the 10 school stands was ‘Aerodynamics’ by Isaac and Toby from Sheldon School in Chippenham who sought out some expert help to make their work really stand out.

They said: “We built a wind tunnel out of a box, 12 vault battery and fan to simulate what it feels like for a Formula 1 car. We contacted the Williams Formula 1 team and the Head of Aerodynamics came back to us with advice for our stand. People came here not knowing about aerodynamics, but when we ask them a question about it before they leave the stand, they know the answer.”

“It’s really fun” said Grace and Alice from Freshford School in Bath. “I usually do like science, but at school it’s just maths stuff, here though you get to see experiments and play with gunge and liquidy solids.”

Rolling on the success of Bath Taps, the whole team from the University are off to the Big Bang Fair in London this week, with over 100,000 science lovers for them to tap in to.

Organiser Professor Chris Budd commented: “It’s all gone very well and many of the young people are getting a tour of the university for the first time.

“This is the only science exhibition where nearly half of the exhibitions are provided by school students themselves. I’m really proud of the fact that they are learning by demonstrating science.

"These young people are the scientists of the future and we hope Bath Taps gives them a glimpse of that."

More photos on the Bath Chronicle website.

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