Lord Ewen Cameron discusses global food security at I-SEE seminar: Tue 30 Sep

The scientific, agricultural and policy challenges of feeding the growing human population will come under the spotlight next week at a seminar at the University organised by the Institute for Sustainable Energy & Environment.

How to feed the growing human population and accommodate its nutritional demands as well as its needs, will present a challenge to scientists, farmers and politicians over the next two or three decades. 

The demands of production on fresh water supplies, soils and infrastructure will test human ingenuity.  But above all, the real test will be in the free and easy dispersal of knowledge and training. Nowhere will all these aspects of improved and profitable agriculture be more important than in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Failure to meet these challenges could result in further famine victims and refugee camps unable to cope with the rise in hungry, displaced families.  Alternatively it could lead to civic uprisings and potentially even war against a system that has failed its own people. It will be hard for developed countries not to be affected by or even drawn into this anarchy. 

The alternative – which is successful African agriculture - could kick-start a whole new rural economy, stimulating national economic growth which allows Africa to play its important part in feeding the world. 

These are some of the issues to be dealt with by Lord Ewen Cameron, chair of the Strategy Board of the Government’s Global Food Security Programme which coordinates research into agriculture and the food chain.

Ewen Cameron runs Dillington Farms in Somerset.  He was founding chairman of Orchard Radio (regional radio) and Lets Go Travel chain and currently chairs Airport Direct Travel.  A former Chairman of the Countryside Agency and Rural Advocate to the Prime Minister, Lord Cameron has lobbied on behalf of the countryside for many years. 

Lord Cameron was knighted for services to the countryside in 2003 and currently represents rural interests as an independent crossbench Peer in the House of Lords. He sits on the Lords EU Select Committee as well as its sub-committee for Agriculture, Environment, Energy and Fisheries, and chairs the All Party Group on Agriculture, Food and Development, which promotes profitable smallholder agriculture in the developing world.

The seminar takes place on Tuesday 30 September in 8 West 3.22 at 4.30pm.  Everyone welcome.

Please visit www.bath.ac.uk/i-see/events for further details or to register for this I-SEE seminar.

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