Helping with change: project management

In response to your views in the Staff Survey on how change was managed, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new University of Bath Project Methodology.

If you are involved in managing a project or you work as part of a project team, or even on a Project Board, we can now offer you a new package of project management templates and guidance.

The benefits of using this include:

  • Clearer roles and responsibilities
  • Greater transparency of the timing and extent of work needed
  • Better identification and communication of emerging risks and issues
  • Greater assessment of the impact of the project on the users and others that may be affected.

What sort of work is it aimed at?

We have tailored it to be for pieces of work that need a new temporary structure to be put in place to deliver the objectives where:

  • resolution to an issue or an opportunity cannot be achieved within normal working practices/current resources
  • a non-routine change is to be delivered
  • there is a defined end point.

An example of this is the Electronic Environment project that is being led by RDSO, working closely with other contributors such as Computing Services, HR and Procurement. It is looking at how research applications, project set up and awards can be managed more effectively. The aim is to make it easier for academics at the application to project set-up phases, where multiple professional services can be involved.

The methodology is not aimed at individual research projects nor to replace more formal approaches such as PRINCE2 for large, complex projects.

What next?

There will be a series of in-house workshops to guide staff through the new approach.  Look out for details on the Staff Homepage.

Process Improvement Director Mark Ricketts said: “We hope the approach will make projects easier for everyone involved, both those managing them and the stakeholders.

“We are continually reviewing the materials so your feedback on their use and suggestions for improvements are very welcome.

“If you’d like to discuss applying the methodology to potential or current project work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me:

You can view the resources at: or type ‘Project Management’ into the search box on the Staff Homepage.

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