Web update from Senate 13 April 2016

The following issues were discussed at the meeting of Senate on 13 April 2016:

  • Student Complaints Procedure: Senate approved changes to the Student Complaints Procedure so that formal complaints submitted by students under the Dignity and Respect Policy will now be investigated under the Student Complaints Procedure.
  • Provision of Transcripts: Senate agreed that the Exit Summary Transcript be renamed “Transcript”, that the Full Transcript be renamed “Record of Assessment” and that from May 2016 graduating students be issued with the re-named electronically signed “Transcript” in hard-copy, with the “Record of Assessment” being available upon request after the point at which the graduate’s access to the self-service facility has been removed.
  • Regulations: Senate approved a minor change to Regulation 16 to allow members of staff at partner institutions who teach on a programme leading to a University of Bath award to apply for staff candidature for postgraduate qualifications. This will be updated online.
  • Degree Outcomes and Student Retention Rates: Senate noted data for 2014/15.  It was reported that the position remained positive, with a rise over the past three years in first and upper second class Honours awarded.  The percentages of Distinctions and Merits on taught Masters programmes and first year undergraduate progression rates had also improved.  Measures were being put in place to address any areas of concern.
  • Curriculum and Assessment: Professor Lambert explained that the discussions about the shape of the academic year had now focused on ensuring flexibility in the curriculum, reducing the assessment burden on students and diversifying assessment practices.  To this end the University Learning Teaching and Quality Committee had agreed a number of measures to achieve this and allow for greater innovation and creative thinking in this area.
  • Calendar of Boards of Studies: dates for meetings of Boards of Studies were agreed for 2016/17. These will be updated online
  • Appointments: Senate approved:
  • re-appointment of Professor Chris Jennison as Warden of the Blues for three years from 1 August 2016;
  • re-appointment of Professor Michael Threadgill as Marshal for three years from 1 August 2016;
  • appointment of Gavin Maggs as a trustee of Designability with immediate effect.
  • Effectiveness Review of Senate: Senate noted the outcome of the interim effectiveness review which affirmed the effectiveness of Senate.

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