Give your views on our new strategy

The University, including University Council, has endorsed a suite of strategic priorities that will lead to it becoming an international leader in graduate education.

The five key elements that underpin achievement of this strategic goal are:

  • The University should grow the volume of research it conducts - achieving more "research power" to match its “research quality”. This entails recruiting more researchers and creating a more vibrant environment for capturing the minds and money that make discovery and impact possible.
  • The University should grow graduate student numbers - both doctoral and masters levels. This entails providing our graduate students with a first rate training and routes to success. It will require us to innovate in our programmes and in their design and in our modes of teaching and learning.
  • The University should stabilise our undergraduate student numbers for the time being. This allows us to focus upon enhancing the quality of the academic and extra-curricular experience our undergraduates have here.
  • The University should continue to improve its infrastructure - here and off-campus. This will allow us to provide the sort of facilities graduate students need while never losing sight of the requirements of undergraduates and our broader community of staff.
  • The University should ensure that its international profile is strengthened. This entails growing international student numbers and establishing innovative joint teaching and research programmes with universities outside the UK.

This consultation invites you to comment on the extent to which the working draft of our new outward-facing University Strategy 2016-2021 captures the spirit of this new focus, whilst remaining true to our institutional Vision, Mission and Values.

It should be noted that the draft has been produced to facilitate publication via the web as many potential job applicants, students and visitors will access it in this way. This approach, coupled with the regular updating of the case material, will create a more dynamic presentation of our strategic priorities.

We would particularly welcome suggestions for case studies to illustrate how we will implement our new strategy.

Please send comments and suggested case studies to Dr Nicky Kemp by 5pm on Friday 24 June 2016.

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