Managed Print Service project update

The Managed Print Service (MPS) provides printing, scanning and copying on 379 machines, producing 18 million prints a year for 19,000 users across the University.

As previously announced, the contract to supply this service is up for renewal and a competitive tender is in progress. The University project team has been working painstakingly to ensure that the new contract will meet our needs and deliver a good service and value for money to student and staff users.

The feedback you provided in the print users’ survey has both helped to shape the requirements for the new contract and already led to a number of practical improvements to our current service. The tender process has included a comprehensive testing phase, with the project team running systems to test the quality and resilience of the proposed service.

The result of the tender will be announced by the end of March. Planning for the next phase of the project - the rollout of the new service - has already started. This phase will take place over the summer and regular updates on progress will be provided throughout.

In the meantime, feel free to contact the Project Manager, Karen Tawton, or any of the Working Group members below, if you have any questions about the project.

Karen Tawton Project Manager
Bridget Conneally EA to Director of Finance and Commercial Services
Prof James Davenport Department of Computer Science
Hannah Dennis UG Manager, Faculty of Science
Becky Dockton Accountant for RIS and the Faculty of HSS, Department of Finance & Procurement
Lester Hayward Contracts Manager, Purchasing Services
Andy Keen Business Systems Manager (Strategic Systems)
Philip Heath Systems Developer, Computing Services
Adrian Hooper CS Service Manager (Science and Engineering)
Laurence Lockton Systems Librarian, Library
Steven MacDonald Software Delivery Manager, Computing Services
Diana Moore UG Programmes Manager, School of Management
Jane Phippen Taught Programmes Manager, Faculty of Engineering and Design
Louise Scattergood Head of IDPS, Imaging Design and Print Services
Elise Merker Deputy Graduate School Manager, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Caroline Turrell/Rachel Harvey Assistant Registrar, Academic Registry
Claire Tylee Bibliographic Services Librarian, Library
Matthew Wickens Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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