Making campus more eco-friendly

Our latest annual Energy & Environment Report shows that we are performing well against the targets set out within our Environmental Policy.

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  • Electricity use per m2 floor area is down 25%
  • Gas use per m2 floor area is down 29%
  • Water use per m2 floor area is down 30%
  • Carbon emissions per m2 building floor area are 34% lower.

We have achieved this by:

  • continually investing in LED lighting – over £1m just in last 12 months
  • generating our own electricity in our mini-power stations (enough to power 600 houses)
  • doubling our solar panel capacity by installing them on our new 10 West and 4 East South buildings
  • running the award-winning Student Switch Off competition
  • improving building efficiency and adjusting controls to reduce gas consumption
  • improving leak detection and usage monitoring to reduce water use
  • ensuring our new buildings are as sustainable and efficient as possible

Recycling rates have also increased from 36% to 54% in two years.

  • We are the first UK university to introduce large scale coffee cup recycling
  • Carton (tetra paks) recycling has been introduced to all Halls of Residence
  • Last summer the University collected 27 tonnes of ‘end of term’ unwanted food, clothing, crockery and appliances that were donated to charities instead of going to landfill.

Thank you to everyone for making an effort to help us reach our sustainability targets and making the campus a greener place.

Whether that's by turning off unnecessary lights, reporting dripping taps and draughty windows or using a reusable container when you buy drinks or takeaway food, please keep it up!

Want to know more about the University's approach to energy, sustainability & the environment?

More ideas of how you can help

Learn about our Leave No Trace campaign

Read the full Energy & Environment Report 2017.

For further information, please contact Peter Phelps, Energy & Environment Manager.

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