Update: Fire safety & Uni buildings

Following our statement on fire safety in the immediate aftermath of the awful Grenfell Tower fire last month, the University has continued to consider very actively our resilience to fire.

The University has two residential buildings which are just above 18 metres, Norwood House and Carpenter House.  Both have been subject to detailed fire risk assessments within the last year and will in future be assessed every year.

We have no polyethylene cladding on any University buildings.  Within the last month we have sought and received reassurance that this is also the case for all those residential buildings for which the University has nomination rights.

We are monitoring the advice that is available externally and none of our buildings fall in the category where testing of samples is required.  However, a review of our fire strategy is underway to see if there are ways in which we can further strengthen our resilience.

Students who have secured accommodation in the private sector for the coming year in higher rise buildings may wish to seek reassurance about the fire resilience of those buildings and we will be offering advice in due course about questions that it may be appropriate to ask.

Any queries should be addressed in the first instance to our Fire Safety Adviser, Mark Burton.

Mark Humphriss

University Secretary

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