Academic Assembly meeting

An extraordinary meeting of Academic Assembly was held on January 10th.

Academic Assembly is the statutory body representing academic staff in the governance structure of the University. It may discuss and declare an opinion on any matter whatsoever relating to the University, including any matters referred to it by the Senate, and, if it so decides, submit resolutions to the Senate. All staff in the Education and Research job family are entitled to attend. As of January 8th 2018 it had 1301 members. Further details of its membership, terms of reference and procedures may be found here.

171 members attended the meeting and 103 apologies were received.

A motion as worded below was proposed and discussed.

‘Given recent damage to the reputation of the University of Bath, arising from the conduct of senior management, Council, and the Remuneration Committee, and the criticisms contained in the resulting HEFCE report, Academic Assembly believes that the management and governance response has been inadequate. We therefore wish to communicate to Senate:

1. our lack of confidence in the Vice-Chancellor and our belief that she should leave her post immediately;

2. our lack of confidence in the Chair of Council and our belief that he should step down immediately;

3. our lack of confidence in the Remuneration Committee and our belief that its members should step down immediately and that its power to set executive pay should be returned to Council as a whole;

4. a request that a complete review of governance, not only the "effectiveness" of governing bodies, be carried out, with a view to rendering the running of our university more open, transparent, and democratic.’

165 votes were cast. 128 in favour, 29 against with 8 abstentions.

The resolution with the voting statistics will be reported to the next meeting of Senate (7 February 2018).

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