Changes to childcare voucher scheme

The Government has announced that the childcare voucher scheme is closing to all new applications from 6 April 2018.

Childcare vouchers are a Government-approved, tax-efficient way of paying for childcare and can be used for a wide range of care and activities. The scheme at the University is provided by Fideliti, for more information see the childcare voucher scheme web pages.

There is no change to the NurseryPlus scheme, as this is separate scheme.

If you wish to join the Childcare Voucher scheme, you must register with Fideliti by 11 March 2018. The scheme minimum monthly payment to join is £10.

What options are available?

If you are eligible for childcare vouchers and think you would benefit from them now, or some point in the future, you may decide to join the childcare voucher scheme.

If you are a member of NurseryPlus, you may want to consider if you will need childcare vouchers in the future and whether to join the scheme.

If you are not eligible to join the childcare voucher scheme by 11 March 2018, you may be able to apply for the Government’s Tax-Free Childcare scheme.

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