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David Galbreath speaks about the European security architecture

Thu Jun 26 16:59:00 BST 2014

Professor David Galbreath was invited to give a talk entitled ‘The European Security Architecture’ at the Intensive Summer School on Serious and Organised Crime at the University of Catania, Italy on Monday 23 June.

The event was hosted by the ECPR Standing Group on Organised Crime and the European Commission.

The aim of David’s talk was to connect how changes in the larger European security architecture have an impact on how states seek to combat organise crime.

In his talk he outlined that the changing nature of the Trans-Atlantic relationship but also the changing nature of how we approach security issues is altering the way that we attempt to combat organised crime. Relying on critical theories of security, the talk proposed varying ways of conceptualising organised crime as a security issue.

The event was attended by students and staff across Europe, but in particular from the University of Bath, Mazaryk University in the Czech Republic, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland and the University of Catania.

Further information

Further information about this event is on the Università degli Studi di Catania website.