Department of Psychology

Danaë Stanton Fraser appointed to EPSRC Strategic Advisory Team

Fri Jul 31 16:07:00 BST 2015

Professor Danae Stanton Fraser

Professor Danaë Stanton Fraser who as of 1 August joins the EPSRC's Strategic Advisory Team to help develop its work in Information and Communication Technologies.

Professor Danaë Stanton Fraser of our Department of Psychology will join the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council’s (EPSRC) Strategic Advisory Team as of 1 August.

The three-year position will see Professor Stanton Fraser providing strategic advice to the EPSRC to help develop its work under the Information and Communication Technologies theme, drawing on a range of perspectives from the funding body’s key stakeholder groups.

The EPSRC’s vision under this theme is to support UK scientists to deliver the very best research and training to meet the future scientific needs across the science base.

This is set in the context of the national provision and also how the UK competes in these areas internationally. Total funding under this theme is £416.4 million - 9.19 per cent of the whole portfolio across research areas.

Research areas covered include information systems, artificial intelligence, human-computer interactions, image and vision computing, architecture and operating systems and future robotics. The theme delivers impact in electronics, creative industries, aerospace and defence and healthcare sectors.

Professor Stanton Fraser said: "I am passionate about research and enjoy supporting emerging research agendas. I very much look forward to this opportunity to engage in EPSRC strategy development and to work collaboratively to ensure the UK ICT community is innovative and world-leading."

This position complements her work within the CREATE Lab on the design and evaluation of technologies for education and learning; trust security and identity in online environments; social robotics and spatial cognition in real and virtual environments.

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