Technology Research News

  • Researchers improve diabetes monitoring - 22 October 2013

    A new way of monitoring blood glucose control in diabetes is a step closer to market thanks to a partnership between researchers from the University and leading medical device company glySure Ltd.

  • New charity sows the seeds for better food security - 17 September 2013

    A new charity based at the Universities of Bath and Warwick will use expert knowledge of plants to develop crops for the future and tackle the global issue of food security.

  • Dr Bryson attends international AI conference - 23 August 2013

    Dr Joanna Bryson from our Department of Computer Science was invited to attend the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) held in Beijing, China earlier this month.

  • Marine life gets drowned out as oceans get noisier - 30 July 2013

    A PhD student from the Department of Physics who recently returned from a trip to lay microphones on the ocean floor off the west coast of Canada is warning of the dangers to marine life from increased ocean noise.

  • Bath part of new BBC User Experience Research Partnership - 18 July 2013

    The BBC today announced the BBC User Experience Research Partnership, a long-term collaboration project between BBC Research and Development (BBC R&D) and leading universities in the fields of User Experience and Human Computer Interaction research.

  • UK Direct Current research to strengthen India’s power networks - 10 July 2013

    Research led by our engineers at Bath is set to make the power networks of India more robust, sustainable and able to stand up to an increased demand for electricity from the country’s population.

  • How well can you 'see' with your ears? Device offers new alternative to blind people - 08 July 2013

    A device that trains the brain to turn sounds into images could be used as an alternative to invasive treatment for blind and partially-sighted people researchers in the Department of Psychology have found.

  • New nanoneedle helping scientists uncover secrets under the skin - 17 June 2013

    Researchers in our Physics and Pharmarcy & Pharmacology Departments are using a pioneering technique to study the properties and characteristics of our skin, in tests that could pave the way for new treatments for dermatitis, and for an improved understanding of the skin aging process.

  • New hybrid technology set to change the future of renewables - 04 June 2013

    A new hybrid technology that integrates wind and solar power generation is set to overcome many of the problems associated with traditional renewable power systems and revolutionise the green energy sector.