Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Opinon blog on the Malaysian 'Allah dispute'

Tue Jun 24 10:25:00 BST 2014

Dr Graham Brown, Reader in International Development in the Department of Social & Policy Sciences, has written a blog post for the University of Bath Opinion Blog. In it he discusses the decision by Malaysia’s high court to uphold a government ban on Christians using the word ‘Allah’ to refer to their God.  

The blog looks at the context of this decision as the government of Malaysia attempts to deal with declining support from the Malay electorate.

"It is important to recognise that the government ban and the court decision are primarily political decisions, not theological.  They have to be seen within the context of a wider set of policies and actions that are portraying Christian groups as deliberately seeking to undermine the constitutionally-enshrined status of Islam within the country.”

The full blog post is available on the Opinion blog, along with thoughts from other University of Bath researchers on a range of current events .