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Opinion: International response to Gaza crisis & prospects for peace

Wed Aug 06 09:24:00 BST 2014

Ruined buildings in Gaza

Dr Jason Hart comments on long-term prospects for peace in the region.


As the Israeli military and Hamas enter day two of the 72 hour ceasefire called on Tuesday, we spoke to Middle East expert  Dr Jason Hart for his comments on developments and the long-term prospects for peace in the region.

Dr Hart's research focuses on the Middle East conflict with a specific focus on the impact of political violence on children in the occupied Palestinian territory. At the weekend, the UN suggested that nearly 30 per cent of victims in the current crisis could be children.

The conflict which began on 8 July has so far killed 1,800 Palestinians with an estimated further 485,000 having fled their homes. Some 66 Israelis are also known to have died in the four-week conflict.

Commenting on recent events, Dr Hart told me: "A few days ago David Cameron offered the view that 'facts on the ground' were beginning to make the two-state solution seem impossible. This was not the first time that the Prime Minister had offered such an assessment."

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