Department of Social & Policy Sciences

Rosie Fisher

BSc Sociology and Social Policy

Rosie Fisher profile

Studying Sociology and Social Policy at Bath has given the best possible footing for progressing into work. As well as being viewed highly by many of the core corporate employers linked to the university, it is known across the country as one of the top places to study. The mixture of research skills (both quantitative and qualitative) and the range of subjects to choose from enabled me to tailor my degree to how I want to work.

The degree is perfect for those who have interests outside of sociology, for example units in international development, politics, psychology and languages are a feature of the course options and you will inevitably branch out into one of these areas. I have been able to pursue my interest in development issues which is an element of freedom I see as vital to my degree. I can therefore illustrate to employers that I have a broader understanding of many issues and a wider experience than many other universities may offer and this has allowed me to apply for jobs within the international development and charities sector.

In addition, the course can also be tailored to how you work as an individual. Looking at the structure and assessment of courses on offer you can ensure you have as many exam assessments as you can, or mainly essay based assessments meaning you have some control over maximising your working style. The dissertation in the final year gives you the ultimate amount of freedom, where you can choose to focus on something that has not been covered, or on an area that has interested you throughout your three or four years at the University.