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Undergraduate Programme Catalogue for 2004/05

Department of Computer Science

USCM-AFB01 BSc Computing
USCM-AFB02 BSc (hons) Computer Information Systems
USCM-AFB03 BSc (hons) Computer Information Systems with Study Year Abroad
USCM-AFB04 BSc (hons) Computer Software Theory
USCM-AFB05 BSc (hons) Computer Software Theory with Study Year Abroad
USCM-AFB06 BSc (hons) Computer Science
USCM-AFB07 Bsc (hons) Computer Science with Study Year Abroad
USCM-AKB01 BSc Computing
USCM-AKB03 BSc (hons) Computer Information Systems
USCM-AKB05 BSc (hons) Computer Software Theory
USCM-AKB07 BSc (hons) Computer Science


University | Catalogues for 2004/05 | UG index for 2004/05