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Results are now UNAVAILABLE to undergraduate students, full-time postgraduates and part-time on-campus postgraduates. The Self-Service Transcript/Self-Service Record of Assessment facilities are also unavailable.

Results will be made available at the following dates: finalist undergraduates: 29th June (students will be emailed); continuing undergraduates: 11th July (students will be emailed); full-time and part-time on-campus postgraduates: 11th July (students will NOT be emailed); undergraduate students studying at partner colleges: 10th July (students will NOT be emailed).

Some part-time and all distance-learning students may have different switch-on/off dates.

Continuing undergraduates: The facility to choose your optional units for 2017/8 has now closed. If you were unable to choose your optional units online please download a Notification of Change of Unit Choice form, fill it in and give to your department/school/faculty office for processing.

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