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Postgraduate Programme Structures for 2004/05

Department of Education

MA Education & MA in English Language Teaching (MAELT)

(including: MA in Education (Educational Management); MA in Education (International Education); MA in Education (English Language Teaching); MA in Education (Language in Education); MA in Education (Environmental Education); MA in Education (Higher Education); MA in Education (Education Policy); MA in Education (Sports Coaching); MA in Education (Learning and Teaching); Advanced Certificate in Education; Advanced Diploma in Education.

The full structure of these degrees is explained at http://www.bath.ac.uk/education/ma. They are available over one year full-time or up to eight years part-time. The MA in Education (including all named variants) requires successful completion of six units and a dissertation of approximately 20,000 words. The Advanced Diploma in Education requires four units and a mini-dissertation. The Advanced Certificate requires two units and an extended essay. The MAELT requires the DELTA plus four units from the MA in Education plus a dissertation of approximately 20,000 words.

The following is a full list of units for the MA in Education:
ED50008 Current issues in history education 9 Credits
ED50094 Equal opportunities in educational management 9 Credits
ED50097 Assessment of pupil achievement 9 Credits
ED50098 Evaluation 9 Credits
ED50099 Information technology 9 Credits
ED50100 Curriculum studies 9 Credits
ED50102 Research methods in education (Core) 9 Credits
ED50103 Education in an international context 9 Credits
ED50107 Foreign language learning 9 Credits
ED50108 Foreign language teaching 9 Credits
ED50109 Educational discourse 9 Credits
ED50110 Language & learning 9 Credits
ED50111 Environmental education: philosophy and purpose 9 Credits
ED50112 Environmental education: learning and teaching 9 Credits
ED50113 Environmental education: learning and change 9 Credits
ED50116 Primary education: aspects of learning 9 Credits
ED50120 The teaching of literature 9 Credits
ED50138 Developing inclusive schools 9 Credits
ED50140 Managing human resources in education 9 Credits
ED50163 Dissertation for the MA in Education 36 Credits
ED50166 Issues in science education 9 Credits
ED50167 Teaching in a bilingual context 9 Credits
ED50168 Mentoring 9 Credits
ED50170 Educational enquiry 9 Credits
ED50171 Mini-dissertation 24 Credits
ED50172 Extended essay 12 Credits
ED50173 Understanding learners & learning 9 Credits
ED50174 Technologies for learning 9 Credits
ED50175 Managing educational organisations 9 Credits
ED50176 Managing educational innovation 9 Credits
ED50177 Education, globalisation & change 9 Credits
ED50178 Managing International schools 9 Credits
ED50198 Sports coaching practicum 9 Credits
ED50199 Personal knowledge for continuing professional development in sports coaching 9 Credits
ED50200 Managing sports coaching problems and issues 9 Credits
ED50202 Education policy in practice 9 Credits
ED50203 Strategic issues in higher education 9 Credits
ED50204 Understanding education policy 9 Credits
ED50205 Early childhood education and learning 9 Credits
EU50566 Theory of language 9 Credits
EU50567 English language teaching 9 Credits

THED-APM24: MA Disability and Rehabilitation

Mode of attendance: Part time

Year 1, Academic year

Mandatory units
ED50184 Independence for life 15 Credits
ED50185 Experience of disability 15 Credits
ED50186 Independent study 15 Credits
ED50187 Managing expectations 15 Credits
ED50188 Dissertation (DARE) 30 Credits

THXX-AFM11: MRes Education

Mode of attendance: Full time

Year 1, Semester 1

Mandatory units
ED50102 Research methods in education 9 Credits
XX50134 Quantitative methods 1: introduction to quantitative methods 6 Credits
XX50136 Qualitative methods 1 6 Credits
XX50170 Principles & skills of social research 6 Credits

Year 1, Semester 2

Mandatory units
XX50137 Long research apprenticeship project (MRes) 18 Credits
Optional Units: Select 1 Unit(s) from the following list:
XX50135 Quantitative methods 2 6 Credits
XX50138 Qualitative methods 2 6 Credits
Optional Units: Select 1 Unit(s) from the following list: MAEC MODULE
ZZ50004 Director of Studies approved unit (MRes Education) 9 Credits

Year 1, Dissertation period

Mandatory units
XX50140 MRes dissertation 30 Credits


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