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Leadership in Learning & Teaching Award

The Leadership in Learning & Teaching Award recognises exceptional examples of leadership in learning and teaching.  


Please complete a nomination form and send to Sarah Turpin in the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office by:

5.00 p.m on 16 March 2012


The Award is open to all members of staff who teach or support learning.

Requirements for the Award

When considering nominations for this award, the Committee will be looking for evidence of transformational leadership in learning and teaching, for example successful influence on colleagues, or the institution, leading to educational change. This influence will be due to personal strength rather than the outcome of longstanding service in a particular role. There is therefore no assumption that nominees for this award will be in a senior, supervisory or managerial position.

With a clear rationale for how this benefits the student learning experience, nominees will show how they have effected change in learning and teaching practice, learning support, administrative or managerial practices, or the manner in which colleagues view or approach learning, teaching or students.

Criteria for Award

Terms agreed by Senate:


    This award was established in 2008 to recognise the important role played by those who lead major new developments that support learning and teaching in the University, or those showing a consistent pattern of leadership that has led to substantial change in the practice of teaching and supporting learning of colleagues.

    The Award consists of a prize of £750* to the successful nominee and £1,500 to their Department (to be spent at the discretion of the successful nominee). If a joint award is made, the winners will each receive the £750 prize, but the Departmental award will be shared equally. The award will be presented at the Summer graduation ceremonies.

    *The prize of £750 will be paid through the payroll and subject to PAYE.