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Each unit within your programme will have:

1. A code

This code is unique to an individual unit. Click here for further information on the structure of unit codes.

2. A credit value

The majority of units are worth either 3, 6 or 12 credits with the possibility that project work or placement periods may have different values. These credits give an approximate workload for each unit.

3. A level

This indicates the level at which the unit will be studied. Click here for further information.

4. A period slot

This indicates when during the academic year the unit will run. For undergraduate units this will be either:

  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2
  • Academic Year (i.e. a year-long unit)

5. An assessment pattern

This shows how the unit will be assessed (e.g. whether you will have to produce coursework or take an exam in order to pass the unit). Click here for a description of the different codes used.

6. Requisites

These are rules which may restrict which students the unit is available to (e.g. you may have to take one or more other units in order to enroll on this unit). Click here for an explanation of the different types of requisites used.

7. A description

This will tell you what the Aims, Learning Outcomes, Skills and Content of the unit are.

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