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Centre for Research in Education and the Environment (CREE)


CREE and the Department of Education are part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Academics, visiting staff and students contribute to a variety of taught courses:


Members of the Centre participate in a variety of courses in continuing professional development, primarily at Masters level, as part of the Department of Education's advanced courses programme. Units directly offered by members of CREE on the MA programme include:

These are available as free-standing units which carry credit transfer, and may be followed as part of a modular programme through the year, at Summer School, or by school-based activity.

Units may also be taken as part of a named Masters in Education degree, in Environmental Education.


Various members of the group contribute to the the MRes Programme. This is a Faculty-based course with an Education strand which provides high quality training to potential doctoral students and a stand-alone qualification to train social science researchers with the chance to focus on the specific skills needed for the field of educational research.

The MRes Programme has two goals:


Members of CREE also contribute to the Doctorate in Education (EdD) programme. This degree is aimed at experienced educational professionals and sets out to place you at the leading edge of your professional field in terms of knowledge, awareness and understanding. The EdD degree has four key features. It:

Other Courses

NB Members of the Centre contribute to a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Environmental Science and Geography specialisms, details of which are available at the Department homepages.

The Centre offers academic support to students reading for higher degrees (MPhil and PhD) by part-time or full-time study. Enquiries should be sent to the Director of Studies for Research Students at the Department of Education, or by e-mail to CREE.

Details of current and recent research enquiries can be found on the people and research pages