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Examples of papers and reports produced by members of the Centre are listed below. Requests for copies of other publications should be addressed to the author directly.

Recent publications:

Published by the Sustainable schools and Academies Trust (2008): Leading Sustainable Schools and Raising Standards .

Paul Vare and William Scott (2007) Learning for a change: exploring the relationship between education and sustainable development . Journal of Education for Sustainable Development 1(2)

Professor William Scott's Inaugural lecture, Sustainability and Learning: what role for the curriculum?

William Scott, Environmental Education Research: thirty years on from Tbilisi Keynote Address to the 4th World Environmental Education Congress, Durban, July 2007

CREE and CEE's external evaluation report for DfES on Growing Schools - The Innovation Fund Projects (2002 - 2003)

William Scott's talk at the CEE November policy forum, Sustainable Development, Policy and Learning: exploring relationships

CREE's submission to the The Sustainable Development Strategy Inquiry (2004)

CREE's submission to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee's enquiry on ESD (2003) - full government report here

Professor William Scott's address to the Research Commission, NAAEE, 32nd Annual Conference in Anchorage, Alaska, on the role of peer review in assuring research quality

Participation and learning:
Perspectives on Education and the Environment

Reid, A., Jensen, B.B., Nikel, J. & Simovska, V. (Eds)

(2008) Springer [346pp]

  • Hardback Book, ISBN 978-1-4020-6415-9, 129,95 euro


    Higher Education and Sustainable Development:
    Paradox and possibility

    Stephen Gough and William Scott

    (2007) London: Routledge [208pp]

  • Hardback Book, ISBN 978-0-415-41652-8, 75.00


    Key Issues in Sustainable Development and Learning
    A Critical Review (Book of Readings)

    Edited by: William Scott, Stephen Gough

    (2003) Taylor and Francis [288pp]

    Sustainable Development and Learning.
    Framing the Issues

    William Scott, Stephen Gough

    (2003) Taylor and Francis [192pp]

    Previous CREE Publications

    Barratt Hacking E (1996) Novice teachers and their geographical persuasions International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 5 77-86

    Barratt R & Barratt Hacking E (2000) Changing my locality: conceptions of the future Teaching Geography 25 17-22

    Bishop KN & Scott WAH (1998) Deconstructing Action Competence: developing a case for a more scientifically-attentive environmental education Public Understanding of Science 7 225 - 236

    Fien J, Scott WAH & Tilbury D (2001) Education and Conservation: lessons from an evaluation Environmental Education Research 7(4) 379-395

    Fisher JA (2001) The demise of fieldwork as an integral part of science education in schools: a victim of cultural change and political pressure Pedagogy, Culture and Society 9(1) 75-96

    Gough SR, Walker KE & Scott WAH (2001) Lifelong Learning: Towards a Theory of Practice for Formal and Non-Formal Environmental Education and Training Canadian Journal of Environmental Education 6 178-196

    Gough SR & Scott WAH (2001) Curriculum Development and Sustainable Development: practices, institutions and literacies Educational Philosophy & Theory 33(2) 137-152

    Gough SR & Reid AR (2000) Guidelines for reporting and evaluating qualitative research: what are the alternatives? Environmental Education Research 6(1) 59-92

    Gough SR, Scott WAH & Stables AWG (2000) Beyond O'Riordan: balancing anthropocentrism and ecocentrism International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 9(1) 36-47

    Hindson J, Dillon J, Gough S, Scott W, & Teamey K (2001) Mainstreaming environmental education; A report with recommendations for DFID Field Studies Council, Shrewsbury

    Reid AD (2000) How does a geography teacher contribute to pupils' environmental education? Canadian Journal of Environmental Education 5 327-344

    Scott WAH & Reid AD (1998) The Revisioning of Environmental Education - a critical analysis of recent policy shifts in England and Wales Educational Review 50(3) 213 - 223

    Scott WAH & Reid AD (2001) Exploring our responsibilities: a critical commentary on education, sustainability and learning Environmental Education 66 23-24

    Scott WAH (2002) Co-evolutionary Change Strategies for Sustainable Development: towards an analysis of significant factors International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 10(4) in press

    Stables AWG & Scott WAH (1999) Environmental Education and the Discourses of Humanist Modernity: redefining critical environmental literacy Educational Philosophy & Theory 31(2) 145 - 155

    Stables AWG & Scott WAH (2001) Post-Humanist Liberal Pragmatism: environmental education out of modernity Journal of Philosophy of Education 35(2) 269-280

    Stables AWG & Bishop KN (2001) Weak and strong conceptions of environmental literacy: implications for environmental education Environmental Education Research 7(1) 89-97

    Stables AWG & Scott WAH (2002) The Quest for Holism in Education for Sustainable Development Environmental Education Research 8(1) 53-60