A basic inline image with and without a caption.

Images in Lens use a 16:9 ratio for consistency.

<!-- COMPONENT: Images -->
<section class="course-overview bg-steel-85-light stack-section medium-padding">
    <div class="row column">
        <div class="flex-wrapper">
            <div class="single-item">
                <!-- (1) Image with no caption -->
                    <img src="" alt="A student giving a presentation to a group">
                <!-- (2) Image with caption -->
                    <img src="" alt="A rugby scrum">
                    <figcaption>An image with a caption</figcaption>
<!-- End component: Images -->
  • Handle: @inline-images
  • Preview:
  • Filesystem Path: components/ingredients/common-ingredients/inline-images/inline-images.hbs