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Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Unit Catalogue 2007/08

EE40150 MEng individual project

Credits: 30
Level: Masters
Semester: 2
Assessment: CW100
Aims: To enable the student to show creativity and initiative in carrying out a demanding investigation or design project within a specific topic area.
To enable the student to synthesise information from both within the total course and from external sources.
To enable the student to communicate effectively a major piece of project work.
To give the student experience in working in a research environment or on an industry based design project.
Learning Outcomes:
After taking this unit the student should be able to:
* Plan, organise and conduct an engineering project to meet the requirements of the initial aims.
* Present the project work via written documentation and oral presentations.
Problem solving; written communication; oral communication; IT; working independently.
The final year engineering projects will either be defined as "Design" or "Research" in content. Whether classified as design or research, projects may be undertaken on an individual or a linked basis. RESEARCH PROJECTS will contain at least 2 of the 3 following elements - analytical, computational, experimental aspects. DESIGN PROJECTS will contain specification, design, analysis, manufacture and test work.