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Welcome to the Timetabling Homepage. From here you should be able to look up both academic and room timetables and find a range of information regarding all aspects of timetabling and room bookings.

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22nd December 2014

Rooms for Quiet Study during Revision Week and the Examination period

A number of rooms have been booked during revision week (week 15) and throughout the examination period for students to use for quiet study. A list of the rooms and when they are available can be found here. During these weeks room booking requests will not be confirmed for students who have requested rooms for private/group revision sessions. Also if you are using the quiet study rooms please respect that other users are also there to study so noise should be kept to a minimum if at all. Thank you.

18th December 2014

Access now available to the Semester 2 2014/15 Programme and Unit timetables

You are now able to view Programme and Unit timetables via the links on the left hand list. Room timetables are now available up to the end of week 52.

24th September 2014

2014/15 S1 Critical unit list

The Critical unit list (also know as the Overfull unit list) has now been published for Semester 1. It can be found here. This report will be updated each working day until 1st October 2014.

12th September 2014

2014/15 Programme timetables

Due to a technical problem encountered this morning, please refresh the Programme timetable page for your faculty on opening to ensure you have the latest version. This issue does not affect the Unit timetables.

11th September 2014

Access now available to the Semester 1 2014/15 Programme and Unit timetables

You are now able to view Programme and Unit timetables via the links on the left hand list. Room timetables will be made available from the start of week 1.

7th July 2014

Access now available to the 2014/15 database for room bookings

You are now able to request rooms for dates from 29th September 2014 using the Web Room Booking System. Please note that requests for teaching rooms during S1 teaching weeks will not be confirmed until the beginning of September after the publication of the S1 timetable. For dates in S2, these will be confirmed early in January after the publication of the S2 timetable.

DRAFT Semester 1 2014/15 electronic staff timetables now available

Staff are now able to view their personal 1415 Semester 1 timetable electronically here or by using the 'Staff timetables' link in the list on the left. If you haven't already done so you will need to login to Single Sign On and you will only have access to your own teaching timetable. Administrative staff will not have access to academic staff timetables.

Hard copies of the draft Semester 1 timetable have been sent out to the departmental timetablers for information. As the electronic timetables are updated as soon as we make any changes we will only provide hard copies of the staff timetables at the draft, provisional and final stages of the timetable production. Electronic access to the Semester 2 timetable will be made available when the Draft semester 2 timetable is published.

When looking at your timetable should you spot anything that is incorrect please notify your departmental timetabler and they will pass your change request onto us. Please do not contact us directly. This is to ensure there is at least one member of staff in each department who is aware of all timetabling issues.

2nd May 2014

Food and Drink Policy in teaching rooms and Foyer spaces

A new policy document on when and where food and drink will be permitted to be served in teaching rooms and foyer spaces has been approved. It is hoped this will allow a more consistent and transparent approach to this issue. Details can be seen here.