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Temporary Teaching Exemption Request form 2019/20

The Temporary Teaching Exemption Form is available here for both full- and part-time staff.

If your circumstances have changed, please see your Head of Department for details of whether it is possible to apply for a late Temporary Teaching Exemption.


Quiet Study Rooms/Individual study spaces for S1 Assessment Period


During Revision week and the Assessment period the University sets aside rooms for students to complete their own individual quiet study. Students are not allowed to book rooms for revision or private study during this period. Students are requested to only use these rooms for "quiet" study and not to bring food or drink into tiered lecture theatres.Times and rooms set aside for Quiet Study use can be found here


Timetables for Semester 2

The 'Live' semester 2 timetables will be available as follows:

Academic Depts: 14th December 2018

Student Timetables available online: 21st December 2018

For more dates regarding timetable publications for 18/19, click here.


The Room Request System for 18/19

Important dates for this process are:

20 August 2018 Room request system open for weeks 1-18

13 September 2018 Room request confirmations for weeks 1-18 begins

26 November 2018 Room request system open for weeks 19-35 (36-51 ASAP)

20 December 2018 Room request confirmations for weeks 19-51 begins










Room Bookings

This section allows you to book rooms on campus as well as see room specifications and timetables.

Bath Online Room Request System (BORRS)

Room Timetables

Room Information

Rooms with Hearing Loops

Terms for Booking Rooms on Campus