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Welcome to the Timetabling Homepage. From here you should be able to look up both academic and room timetables and find a range of information regarding all aspects of timetabling and room bookings.

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29th January 2013

Critical Unit list for Semester 2

The updated Critical Unit list for semester 2 is now available here.

27th January 2014

Web room booking and Workstation booking system closures

In the week commencing 27th January BUCS and the Central Timetabling Office hope to move to a new server and upgrade software. As part of this the booking systems may be switched off intermittently over the week to allow that to take place. If you find it is not working please try again at a later date.

24th January 2014

Web room booking and Workstation booking system closures

The web room booking and workstation booking systems will be closed from 16.30 Friday 24th January over the weekend 25th/26th January in response to the power down of all IT services.

I7th January 2014

Electronic staff timetables

We're pleased to say that staff are now able to access their timetables electronically. If you haven't already done so you will be required to log into the single sign on where you will be given the option of selecting either a whole semester timetable or the timetable for an individual week. The link to the page can be found here or from selecting the 'staff timetables' option on the A-Z page.

19th December 2013

"Quiet study" rooms for January assessment period

The University is making certain rooms available to students for Quiet study during Revision and Assessment weeks in January. Details can be seen here. Students will not be allowed to book rooms for private study during this period.

19th December 2013

Semester 2 Ad hoc room bookings

All requests for ad hoc room bookings for weeks 19 onwards have now been confirmed, and for those we were not able to fulfil an email has been sent to the requestor.

18th December 2013

Semester 2 Teaching timetables

Programme, Unit and room timetables for Semester 2 are now available via the web site. If you have trouble seeing the option to view S2 weeks please refresh the page before contacting us.

2nd December 2013

8W 1.28 Workstations now available to book in 4 hour periods

Students - you can now book one of the six workstations in 8W 1.28 for 4 hours at a time rather than the previous 2 hour limit. Workstations are booked via Workstation bookings.

8W 1.28


10th October 2013

Opening of 1West new build teaching rooms Monday 21st October

We have been informed that the teaching rooms within the 1West new building will be open for business from Monday 21st October 2013. This means that six rooms within the old core of 1West will be closing at the end of Friday 18th October 2013. All teaching and ad hoc bookings will move to rooms in the new 1West building. Activities in:

1W 3.17 will move to 1W 2.104
1W 3.20a will move to 1W 3.103
1W 3.24b will move to 1W 2.102
1W 3.25b will move to 1W 3.107
1W 4.39 will move to 1W 2.103
1W 4.40 will move to 1W 2.101

All changes take effect on Monday 21st October.

7th October 2013

Activity restriction for Chancellors' Building rooms

We have been informed that the rooms within the Chancellors' Building should not be used for any dance or aerobic activities. This is a Health and Safety issue relating to false floors within the building. Please remember this restriction when booking or using the rooms.


2nd October 2013

Critical Unit list for Semester 1

The updated Critical Unit list for semester 1 is now available here.

27th September 2013

Information for lecturers teaching in CB 1.10 and CB 1.11

Due to the large size of these two lecture theatres (350 seats) whiteboards cannot be read from the back of the theatre, and visualisers are available instead. Teaching staff can still write ‘chalk and talk’ style, and will have much more space to do so than in traditional theatres, using double visualizing. By writing on a set space on the lectern itself, your writing will be projected onto a 40ft space on the wall. For more information on using visualisers, please contact AV.

In the first week of the term, AV staff will be available to help you switch the visualizers on.

A User guide for the Chancellors' Building has been prepared by the AV unit