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Information provided on the timetables

Where there is an activity it will show in an individual cell in the timetable. All cells show the activity name (name it is known by on the timetabling system) as the top line. The second line is the room name; the third line shows the timetabling week numbers in which the activity runs. Please consult the Academic Year Chart for further information regarding the week numbers.

Please note that the University policy on finish and start times for classes is 5 and 15 minutes past the hour respectively to allow sufficient time for the changeover of classes.

The list of rooms is currently restricted to the centrally owned teaching and committee rooms. The figure in brackets after the room name indicates the capacity of the room.

If you wish to request a GTA or committee room, you can do so via the Bath Online Room Request System (BORRS).

For instructions on how to use the system can be please see the step-by-step guide to making a room request (PDF).


Valid until 29th Sept 2019

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Room timetables starting from 30th Sept 2019 onwards.

Available soon. Due to technical difficulties it will only be possible to access timetables via My Timetable until further notice.