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Department of European Studies & Modern Languages, Unit Catalogue 2007/08

EU10692 Academic writing for postgraduate research

Credits: 3
Level: Certificate
Semester: 2
Assessment: CW 100%
Aims: The aim of this course is to improve students' academic writing skills to enable them to write theses and other extended research papers.
Learning Outcomes:
Having completed this unit students will be better able to:
* Plan and write an outline paper for a thesis
* Understand how to structure a doctoral thesis
* Identify and apply the discourse features of the different sections within a thesis
* Take notes from and summarise texts
* Critically evaluate texts
* Incorporate ideas from source material, including direct quotations, without plagiarising
* Adopt a position in relation to others' research and opinions
* Refer to sources appropriately within the text and in the references section of a paper
* Link ideas within and between paragraphs
* Write objectively in an academic style appropriate to their level and discipline
* Identify and correct errors in grammar, punctuation and style.
Having completed this unit students will be better able to:
* Analyse the requirements of a task
* Plan a task
* Think critically about the research or opinions of others
* Communicate ideas through writing.

* Planning and writing a research proposal
* Incorporating reading material and avoiding plagiarism
* Referring to sources
* Structure of a thesis
* Addressing other tasks required by doctoral students, such as abstracts, literature reviews, transfer papers
* Paragraph structure
* Cohesion within and between paragraphs
* Academic style - showing and avoiding personal commitment
* Grammatical accuracy and punctuation
* Proofreading and editing