Person Finder

Searching in Person Finder

When using person finder outside of the university campus you have the option of searching by a person's surname or job, filtered by department or person type.

external search

It is not necessary to have a persons complete name to find their entry. For example if searching for Fred Flintstone you may enter Fli in "Surname". Examples of names that would be matched and returned in the results:

Searching with Fli in "Surname":

  • Fred Flintstone
  • Freddie Flintoff

Partial entries like this may be also be used in the "Job / Course" field.

Searching using a combination of fields will return more relevant results. The two dropdown boxes, "Department" and "Restrict Search" will restrict the results to people in the selected department or person type (staff, undergraduate, postgraduate etc).

external search

When using the "Job / Course" field without anything in the "Surname" field the search only returns members of staff. Any textual search term must consist of at least 2 characters.

Searching with Phone Finder

The Phone Finder facility lets you search for non-personal phones numbers at the University. This might include administrative, security or reception phone numbers

As with Person Finder you can restrict by department and use partial names for searching. Entering "recep" in the "Description" field will return all listed reception numbers

phone finder