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Feng Gao

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Room: 6E 3.9
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 385206

Dr Feng Gao



Dr Feng Gao is a Research Officer in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, working for the EPSRC project FROTH: Fundamentals and Reliability of Offshore Structure Hydrodynamics.

Feng joined the Department in October 2013. Previously he worked as a Research Associate at the Manchester Metropolitan University from 2003.

He obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Brighton in 2003.


Feng has extensive experience using a broad range of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling tools, including both in-house and commercial codes for wave propagation and overtopping problems in free surface hydrodynamics.

He has previously developed an efficient finite element numerical wave tank (NWT) model (in C++) for free surface flow applied to study water wave-related problems.  He has also worked on the development of the AMAZON NWT model (in FORTRAN) within the MMU to simulate violent wave overtopping problems, including viscous effects for a range of geometries, including porous rubble mound structures as part of EU and EPSRC-funded research projects.

Wave interactions with structures and scour developing around the sea bed mount of an offshore wind turbine have also been simulated.

Feng has used the commercial software package STAR-CCM+ and the open source CFD tool (OpenFOAM) to simulate the flow characteristics of offshore wave energy devices, such as Pelamis.  Wave interactions with fixed and floating offshore wind farm platforms have been simulated successfully with OpenFOAM.

His research interests are in:

  • hydraulics and coastal engineering
  • finite volume and finite element methods for free surface flows
  • adaptive Cartesian cut cell methods
  • wave interactions with fixed and floating bodies.