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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Resource Sharing

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wb00830_  Acceptable use policy.

wb00830_  UK Copyright Law fact sheet from UK Copyright Service.

What are peer-to-peer applications?

Peer-to-peer (p2p) applications such as BitTorrent, Morpheus, iMesh, and KaZaA, are all tools used for the quick exchange of large files over the internet. For this reason p2p applications are useful tools for sharing, transferring and downloading files for research or educational purposes. However, because of the way these tools work, they can also be used for more harmful things such as violating copyright law.

What problems does p2p software cause?

Acceptable use of file share applications?

Using p2p file sharing software to download or upload obscene, copyrighted or illegal material is a breach of our 'acceptable use' policy. Any breach will result in an investigation into the severity for appropriate action to be taken.

wb00830_  Acceptable use policy.

Exploitation of these applications has legal ramifications and is not prohibited by the p2p companies. People found to be misusing these applications may find they have their p2p accounts terminated. See bitTorents Copyright Infringement Policy.

wb00830_  BitTorrents Copyright Infringement Policy

Avoid copyright issues

You can only download or share music, movies, videos and text from the internet if you have been given the permission to do so by the owner. Know the UK law on copyright and stick to what you have a legal right to share or download.

wb00830_  UK Copyright Law fact sheet from UK Copyright Service.