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User Accounts Policy

1. Overview

The purpose of this policy is to describe the acceptable use of the University's policy regarding user accounts for computer and network access.

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2. Statement of Authority, Scope and Responsibilities

Standard statement applies

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3. Acceptable Use

Please refer to Computing Services Acceptable Use policy (AUP) for general policy regarding the use of IT facilites at the University.

Access to computing facilities is via individual username and password which allows access to login to central computing services, make use of private filespace, run software, access and use email facilities, share and transfer files and gain access to the Internet and the Web.

Accounts are issued for individual use only. For security purposes, users may not share, loan or give away account or password information to any other person. User accounts are to be used only by the assigned user of the account for authorised purposes. Passwords should not be shared, written down, emailed or published. Default passwords should be changed as soon as practically possible.

Attempting to obtain another user's account password is strictly prohibited. User are required to change their password if they have reason to believe their account has been compromised in any way. Users are required to take all necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized access to computing resources.

Users must be aware of and understand Computing Services AUP before accepting and using an account.

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4. Eligibility

There are three main categories of people who are eligible for computing facilities.

4.1 Non-Payroll Staff

Non-payroll staff must be real individuals. Accounts are not issued to groups, committees, services or similar.

In normal circumstances they will be visiting lecturers or staff who are funded from outside sources, but they could be anyone the department considers in need of computing facilities for University work. Departmental Directory Maintainers, who have direct access to the HUB database, have the facility to grant access via a non-payroll staff record field. Procedures for enabling non-payroll staff can be found here.

The department takes full responsibility for these non-payroll staff records and the computer usage of the staff concerned. They must remove the records when the non-payroll staff person leaves or no longer requires computing facilities.

It is a pre-condition of enjoying the services that follow from registration as a non-payroll member of staff that date of birth is provided to the Directory Maintainer who is setting up the database entry. The purpose of this is to provide a mechanism by which data from different sources can be recognised as such. The date of birth will be treated as confidential and will not be displayed or used for any other purpose.

4.2 Collection of Accounts

All students will automatically receive computer accounts at or prior to enrollment.

All other eligible users can go to the HelpDesk in the library and ask to be set up with computing facilities. A form of identification will be required. If eligibility is confirmed a username and initial password will be assigned.

5. Temporary Accounts

The use of temporary accounts should be minimised. Temporary accounts are a support overhead for Computing Services. Members of the University of Bath requiring access to University computing facilities should acquire permanent usernames and use these for the duration of their employment or registration.

It is recognised that temporary usernames are required under special circumstances: for example, to provide a service for short courses and community courses.

Computing Services are prepared to create pools of temporary usernames, for a specified period, on the basis that a named individual member of staff is completely responsible for them and the pools of temporary accounts are minimised.

Temporary accounts shall follow the usual username account naming procedures. Temporary staff and student username accounts will, therefore, be differentiated for the purposes of file space allocation, backup, and security.

Individuals holding a Temporary Username are subject to the same terms and conditions, Policies and Regulations as any other computer user at the University. All temporary accounts are full and complete accounts and offer access to the same computing facilities.

A named person for any Department, Faculty or Center shall be responsible for the management and administration of any temporary accounts in use. When an individual 'inherits' a temporary username, the password on that account should be reset and all files deleted by the named person.

6. Account Closure

User accounts are subject to closure in the following circumstances:-

In all cases data is archived and will be recoverable for a period of time if necessary.


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