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Additional charges

Use of Audio Visual equipment and services is normally free of charge to University of bath Staff, Researchers, and registered University of bath Students. Events where attendees do not fall into those categories may be chargeable. Contact a.v.bookings for further details.

These prices are the maximum we will charge, discounts may be available for non-commercial events or events where a proportion of the attendees are members of the University attending free of charge or at a reduced rate. 

Technician support

Technical services and charges

Subject to VAT, charges are per day-half day rates chargeable at 0.5 times the daily rate. These charges apply to all events where the delegates are not principally University of Bath staff or registered University of Bath students.

Projectors* Price TV, Video and Camera Equipment Price
OHP 250W

(Free of charge if already in room)
£10.00 42" Plasma or LCD

OHP 400W (Used in larger Lecture Theatres)

(Free of charge if already in room)




DVD Player


Blu-Ray player






Visualiser (electronic OHP-used in conjunction with LCD projector)
£50.00 14" Video presenter (TV & Video)

21" Video presenter (TV & Video)

1 week/2 weeks per week in fixed location

3 week/4 weeks per week in fixed location



35mm Slide Projector-300W-with cordless remote control(used in University Hall, ALT, 2E.1, 4E3.10, 4E3.38, 5W2.3 & 2.4, 8W1.1, 2.1, 2.5, 3.22)
35mm Slide Projector-250W-with cable remote control (used in all other lecture theatres)
£15.00 Hire of TV camera & Studio Equipment**(Only made available with operator support at the charges below) £250.00
LCD Video/computer projector
£60.00 Studio Camera **(Only made available with operator support at the charges below) £150.00 per day
E-Beam (converts ordinary white board to interactive requires suitable laptop and computer projector)
£35.00 Camcorder £25.00
Smart Sympodium Interactive Touch Panel
£50.00 Tapes Charged at cost
Tape and Disc Recorders and Players   Public Address System  
HI FI: Amplifier and Speakers
CD player requires Hi-fi or PA
£15.00 PA built into lecture theatres:University Hall, ALT. WH1LT, 5W2.3 & 2.4, 2E3.1, 3E2.1, 2.2, 2.4, 3.5, 3.8, 4E3.38, 3.10, 8W1.1, 2.1, 2.5, 3.22 and some larger rooms. (Microphones charges as below)
Free of Charge
Stereo Cassette Deck requires Hi-fi or PA
£13.50 Portable PA system including one standard microphone. £100.00
Portable stereo cassette/CD/Radio
£15.00 Microphones £13.00

Audio Recording Equipment-Cassette, DAT or minidisk, (microphones charges as detailed)

£20.00 Radio Microphones £20.00

Master Tapes/Discs
Charged at cost Computers  

  Laptop Computer £50.00
    Miscellaneous Items  

  Flip chart stand with pad and pens (charge is per booking - not daily) £10.00
    Laser Pointer (must be registered with university safety officer-lecturers may NOT use unregistered pointers. £5.00