Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy

Transnational transformations in social protection: concepts, instruments and contexts

Principal Investigator: Rana Jawad, University of Bath

Project Team: Emma Carmel, University of Bath, Dave Gordon, University of Bristol; Rod Hick Cardiff University and Paul Cloke, University of Exeter

Project Partners: University of Bristol,  Cardiff University, University of Exeter

Funder: GW4

Duration: July 2017- August 2018


Project rationale and aims

Departmental themes
Conference on Child Poverty (May 2017)
Project Summaries
Planned Meetings
  • University of Exeter: 27 November 2017
  • University of Cardiff: 10 May 2018
  • University of Bristol: 29 January 2018
  • University of Bath (end of project conference): 2-3  July 2018

About the project

Following on from our initiator award, our community aims to conduct world-leading research on social protection in both the Global North and South. We adopt the ILO’s definition of social protection as comprising income security across the life-course and in relation to specific contingencies, such as unemployment, and access to healthcare.

We will advance scholarship and policy learning by harnessing complementary strengths from across the GW4 institutions; and by identifying gaps in the academic literature, which has lagged behind developments in policy and practice over the past decade. Our community has clear relevance for GCRF funding streams and members of our community have been awarded funding under this scheme to-date.

Our aim is for the investment of the Accelerator award to lead to applications for funding totalling £750,000 within one year of the award. While the Accelerator funding is for six months, it is necessary to be selective about appropriate funding streams, and this may require a slightly longer time-frame, and being more flexible in response to particular calls as-and-when they arise.

This will provide a step-change for our community, and will leave a legacy of ongoing collaboration across the GW4 institutions in the area of social protection in the years to come.

Proposed outputs

WP1. Social protection and poverty, ESRC standard grant or GCRF (led by Rod Hick, Cardiff University) -  this will explore the relationship between social protection and poverty in a macro, quantitative sense. It will learn lessons by harnessing the experience of emergent forms of social protection which, for the first time, enables analysis which meets the sample size requirements of multi-level models. Both Qualitative Comparative Analyses (QCA) and non-linear methods in conjunction with more traditional quantitative methods (e.g. hierarchical/multi-level modelling) will be used to elucidate both the necessary and sufficient conditions for positive protection outcomes.

WP2. Ethical and ideological inputs of new social actors in welfare pluralism, ESRC standard grant (led by Paul Cloke, Exeter University). This grant will identify and examine the role of voluntary-sector and community-sector organisations the North and South in the envisaging of, advocacy for, and experimentation with social protection concepts and instruments. It will analyse the ways in which particular ideological and ethical values are championed by different voluntary and community-based organisations (including worker-related, poverty-related and faith-related organisations) and how these values shape interest in and participation with social protection ideas and instruments.

WP3. Politics, political economy and meanings, ESRC Standard Grant or GCRF (led by Emma Carmel, University of Bath) - This will examine the essential conceptual and theoretical groundwork for understanding the local and transnational interconnections in policy and programme implementation that are transforming contemporary landscapes of social protection provision in diverse regions. The changing politics of social protection in key Global South and Global North countries will be addressed.

WP4. Re-interpreting country classifications and clusters, ESRC Secondary Data Open Call or ESRC GCRF secondary data call (led by Dave Gordon, University of Bristol) - using databases such as the UCLA WORLD policy database, Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS), this new cluster analysis will help to re-assess social protection outcomes across the Global North and South by investigating the data requirements and feasibility of classifying countries into relatively homogeneous groups based on the ILO SPF framework. The resulting numerical taxonomy would facilitate new analyses of the relationship between social protection, anti-poverty and inequality reduction outcomes across countries.

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Name: Dr Rana Jawad
Title: Senior Lecturer
Department: Dept of Social and Policy Sciences
Location: 3 East 3.15
E-mail: rj349@bath.ac.uk
Phone: work+44 (0) 1225 385806