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Continuing Bonds


Principal Investigator: Christine Valentine

Dates: Ongoing

Funding: Funding: 2003- 2007, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC); 2007-2008, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; 2009 ongoing, unfunded.


Project Rationale and Aims

Departmental Themes

This ongoing project aims to explore bereavement as socially and culturally shaped, with particularly focus on the diverse ways in which the living may continue their relationships with the dead.  Christine Valentine and other CDAS staff have made significant contributions to researching and developing understandings of bereavement as an ongoing process of continuing bonds with the dead.

Following a study of the narratives of a diverse sample of 25 bereaved individuals in the UK, which identified the extent to which deceased loved ones may retain a social presence in the lives of those left behind, Christine went on to conduct a similar study in Japan where ‘continuing bonds’ are well established. She has since made a comparative study of the UK and Japanese data to draw attention to the social and cultural shaping of grief and how different cultures may overlap and converge in complex and subtle ways.  Her publications have contributed to understanding the creative ways in which individuals negotiate their culture’s resources and restraints to make sense of and convey ‘unusual’ experiences, such as ‘sensing the presence of the dead’; illuminating the role of the body and emotions in recovering identities and post-mortem relationships; and comparing the implications of differing understandings of identity, i.e. as independent in the UK and relational in Japan, on the experience of bereavement.


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