Central Stores

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Central Stores

We purchase, stock and supply cleaning and maintenance products, and carry out a range of supporting activities. We strive to get best value for money for the University - our products are stocked at very competitive prices.

Products and purchasing

We stock over 2,500 products. To purchase products from us:

  1. Use the product catalogue, noting product codes and availability.
  2. Order your products through Agresso.

When ordering products through Agresso, if you get a validation error on the requisition screen, please call us on 01225 386652 and we'll help solve the issue.

If you need a product urgently, please contact 01225 386652.

Request products

If we don't have a product you use regularly, we may be able to stock this for you. Complete the following process or call us to discuss your requirements.

  1. Download and complete the New Stock Item Request Form.
  2. Email it to Dave Higgins d.c.higgins@bath.ac.uk.

If you have any questions about ordering products from us, please contact 01225 386652

Parcel delivery

We act as a goods-in and distribution service for parcels from certain courier and delivery firms.

To help us manage the increasing number of deliveries, please make sure that, when ordering, you add as much detail as possible to the delivery note (your name, department, building, room, telephone number, special delivery notes, etc.). Make sure your delivery firm uses these details rather than generic ones for the University.

Please note, we do not take deliveries for:

  • Catering Outlets 
  • Contractors

Student Parcels (All student parcels go to student parcel room, Eastwood Lodge.)

If you think your delivery has come to the Central Stores - contact 01225 386652.

Labcoat cleaning

We administer the laundering of labcoats for departments. Follow our laundry guidelines to ensure your labcoats are picked up and delivered back to you.

Gas ordering and storage

We manage the ordering of industrial gases and their safe storage in the main gas cage.

Gas delivery times can vary from next day to 3 weeks depending on local availablilty and the complexity of the gas mix.

To order gases contact:

Mr Dave Higgins work+44 (0) 1225 386680 Estates Maintenance Buyer

Blade sharpening

We sharpen guillotines, saw blades and cutting parts of other machinery.

Call us on 01225 386652 to discuss whether your item needs maintenance or replacement, and to arrange collection. Please ensure that items for sharpening for collection are packed in their original protective casing.

The cost and length of time the work takes will depend on what's required.