Central Stores

Laundry services

Labcoat cleaning

We administer the laundering of labcoats for departments. The Estates office will journal the cost, which is billed through Agresso.

All labcoats must have the owner's name and department clearly visible on a University-approved clothing label (sewn inside the collar), using a laundry marker pen. We stock both clothing labels and marker pens.

  • Laundry marker pen - Product number 3038061
  • Laundry clothing labels (packs of 10) - Product number 3038003

If you don’t label your labcoats properly, we cannot guarantee their return and will not be liable for the cost of lost items.

Laundry process

To get your labcoats cleaned:

  1. Remove all objects from coat pockets (especially scissors, knives and pens).
  2. Collect them in a bag, preferably a transparent one so that it doesn’t get mistaken for rubbish.
  3. Label the bag with a note identifying your department and the total number of coats. We would advise using a sticky label.
  4. Inform your building porter.
  5. Put the bag in the place as instructed by the porter, who will take it to a designated collection point.
  6. Central Stores will collect the laundry.
  7. Once cleaned, Central Stores will take laundry back to your department for your porter to return to you.

For any questions please contact:

Mr Mark Mitchell work+44 (0) 1225 386652 Stores Supervisor